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From the Intendant-General

Thank you for seeking out this web page.
If you are already a member of one of the Conclaves in the Somerset and Bristol Division I hope that you will find it useful.
If you have logged on as a member from another Division we would be pleased to see you at any of our Conclaves or at the Divisional Grand Conclave which meets on the first Saturday in October each year, please contact one of the Conclave Recorders or the Divisional Recorder.
If you are here because you want to know more about the Order please feel free to look further and make contact through one of the links or email addresses you will find on these pages.

You will find details of the meeting dates and the names of Officers of each Conclave on the following pages or in the Masonic Year Book applicable to where we meet in Somerset and Bristol.
Information relating to the background of the Order and it’s recepts can be found on the following pages and so I will not address that here suffice to say that the qualification for joining is that you are already a member of a Holy Royal Arch Chapter and are prepared to profess a belief in the Christian Trinity-in-Unity which is asked of you during your Installation.

Meeting under the jurisdiction of ‘The Grand Imperial Conclave for England and Wales’ there are 29 Divisions of the Order, including Benelux (meeting in the Netherlands) and four Districts Overseas. ( Transvaal, Orange Free State & Northern Cape; Eastern Cape; Jamaica; Natal; )
Spread across the globe there a further 20 Daughter and Sister ‘Grand Imperial Conclave’ including Scotland, Canada, the USA, Australia (5), New Zealand, Cyprus, Finland, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark, Greece and Croatia.
Total membership, as at August 2018, in Somerset and Bristol was 174 subscribing members in eight different Conclaves. The total subscribing membership in England and Wales is 7318.
If viewing these pages raises anything of interest which you would like clarification on or you want to become a member please contact the Divisional Recorder in the first instance or any Royal Arch Companion that you know is already a member.

Thank you for your attention.

R Ill Kt David J Palmer.
Division of Somerset and Bristol